Medieval Murder!

It is the year 1451, and Sir John Thomas is on the run! When he arrives he finds not only the Sheriff on his tail, but that the Lord of the Manor has been murdered! Sir John's number one fan is also in the building, along with the Earl's second wife. The question is.........who killed the Earl?

The Victorian Victim

It is sometime in the late nineteenth century. The Lord of the Manor has invited you into his house for a celebration, of sorts. As the night goes on, you start to realise that something sinister is about to happen – one of the characters you have met is going to die tonight! Could it be the butler? The maid? Surely not his Lordship? What about his wayward daughter? More importantly, who will be the murderer? Can you solve it in time? You will all see the gruesome events unfold, whether you get it right or wrong!

Murder at Work 

It is an auspicious occasion within your company, and the whole office has been invited to celebrate! That's right – even the lawyers are here. Sadly, it seems, the CEO of the law firm has been murdered in his hotel room, leaving only his PA, his potential successor and the office cleaner to attend. Watch in awe as they try to climb over each other and stab each other in the back – revealing all of the deceased's dirty secrets before the whole company! All of this whilst a poor entertainer is just trying to do their job and sing for the event – but do they have secrets of their own? You'll have to find out for yourself!

Murder in the Family

You are all related to Frank, and have been invited to his birthday party! Franks's family, the Crappers, were once landed gentry. Now they are less Downton Abbey, and more Jeremy Kyle! In fact, he is only able to fund such a sumptuous event due to a recent lottery win. As you are all assembled, we learn from a member of staff that Frank is dead. Distraught, his wife and son set about trying to discover just who committed the crime, but they certainly want their moneys worth. Frank had hired an up and coming pop starlet to perform some of his favourite songs – and as she is forced to perform, we learn of everyone's possible involvement in this crime.